The Best Sustainable Home Brands!

My product reviews of ten sustainable home swaps I’ve made in my home! Stasher bag review, Who Gives a Crap, EGO, Thrive Market and more!

1. Stasher vs ReZip: Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bag Review

I bought my first Stasher bag years ago and I’ve bought several more since! Compared to the other brand I tried, ReZip, I prefer Stasher brand. The ReZip brand stained after one use, did not seal well, and cracked after a few uses. ReZip also had seams in the corners making it hard to clean.

Stasher bags have stood up to my years of use so far, I’ve freezed produce in them and stored liquids like soup in them without leaking, and they haven’t stained yet! I’ve traveled with them on picnics and they have never leaked! The seal is super strong and airtight, and you can tell when they are sealed.

I personally would not waste my money on ReZip again and even though they are a bit pricey upfront, the Stasher bags have proven their long term value.

You can also cook directly in the Stasher bags, sous vide style by submerging the whole bag in hot water, or by pouring hot water inside the bag to rehydrate food! Great for backpacking, hiking, and camping!

2. OXO Silicone Cupcake Liner Review: Better than Paper Cupcake Liners?

I bake a lot! Mostly cupcakes and muffins, so I was going through a lot of paper cupcake liners. One day I found these OXO Reusable Silicone Liners.

Yes! They are better than the paper ones, and better than just oiling and baking right in the pan!

I oil them by hand or with a spray oil before baking. Once the baked goods are cooled, gently roll the liner a bit to release the cupcake or muffin and they pop right out with a perfect smooth edge.

These are also handy to use as molds to make homemade peanut butter cups, and to freeze things in an individual serving size!

If I do need to use a disposable cupcake liner, I like the If You Care Brand cupcake liners.

3. If You Care Parchment Paper Review: a no chlorine alternative.

Traditional parchment paper is bleached with chlorine, which then leaches from the factory after production into our water and harms the environment.

If You Care Parchment Paper is Totally Chlorine Free and Compostable! So for a product I need to make my jess from earth Sourdough Bread, that is technically not reusable, I feel better knowing it’s production is not harming the environment, and that I can compost it after use!

4. Charlies Laundry Powder Review: Leave behind liquid laundry detergent for Charlies Laundry Powder.

This is my favorite laundry powder! It gets my clothes the cleanest and doesn’t leave any films or residues on the clothing.

I have tried other powder brands like Molly’s Suds, and I personally think the Charlies powder washes better.

Charlies Laundry Powder is also biodegradable, hypoallergenic, scent free, and SEPTIC SAFE! I buy mine from Thrive Market.

5. ACURE Shampoo Bar: Say bye to bottles of shampoo and use a Shampoo Bar like this one!

One of my sustainability goals is to reduce the amount of single use plastic I buy, and a big contributor to that is all the plastic bottles in my shower. So I started trying different shampoo and conditioner bars a couple years ago.

My favorite so far is ACURE Shampoo and Body Bar! It’s shampoo that can also be used on your whole body, and it’s paraben free, vegan, sulfate free, mineral oil free, petroleum free, formaldehyde free, and cruelty free! You can use it for hand soap or pet soap too!

I keep mine in a little mesh bag that hangs on a hook in my shower, this keeps it dry between uses and makes it easy to apply to my head, a little goes a long way, my bar has lasted me for months.

The bar is really nice for travel too, I have a little case I put mine in, and it’s so much lighter and takes up way less space than packing separate shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles. It’s not liquid either, so you can fly with it in your carry on!

As far as conditioner bars go, I’ve tried a few, I haven’t found one I really love yet to recommend. I am currently trying a no conditioner hair routine as recommended by Rosemary Gladstar (I’m currently taking her home study course The Science and Art of Herbalism!), so far I’m liking the no conditioner life!

6. Dryer Sheets vs Wool Dryer Balls: Replace Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softener with Reusable Wool Dryer Balls.

Fragrance and chemicals in dryer sheets are bad for us and our clothes! The chemicals used to make your clothes smell lovely and feel soft actually break down the fibers, and they build up over time forming a film and making our towels less absorbent.

Which is why I love Wool Dryer Balls! They keep your clothes soft and static free, without destrying them. If you like scents, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil before you toss them in the dryer. Mine have lasted years and I 100% recommend wool dryer balls!

I bought these from Thrive Market.

If you’re not a Thrive Market member yet, join today & get this cookbook for FREE with your first order!

There are also silicone dryer balls but I haven’t tried them yet. If you have any experience with silicone dryer balls please let me know in the comments!

7. Who Gives A Crap Review: Is Eco Friendly Toilet Paper Better?


Years ago, I wanted to find a more sustainable toilet paper alternative. So I googled “Eco friendly toilet paper” and found Who Gives A Crap, the website said all of their products were plastic free and made from sustainable materials, so I started my subscription.

My experience with Who Gives a Crap has been amazing! The products are high quality, and affordable. The flexible subscription and free home delivery mean I never have to buy toilet paper, paper towels, or tissues at the store ever again! I never ran out of toiler paper, tissue, or paper towel during the great toilet paper shortage of 2020, because Who Gives a Crap emailed me to let me know they had guaranteed my subscription. They have great customer service, and you can reschedule or postpone delivery’s whenever you need.

8. Grocery Store Alternative: Thrive Market!

I almost never go to the grocery store! I get all my sustainable organic pantry goods, cleaning supplies including the Charlies soap above, and even frozen items delivered right to my doorstep from Thrive Market.

Between my weekly CSA pickup, the farmers market, my local dairy and meat sources, and Thrive Market, I don’t ever NEED to go to the grocery store! It’s so nice!!

I noticed Thrive stuff is usually a few dollars cheaper than the grocery store too! I’m so excited to announce I have become an affiliate for Thrive Market! Click the link below to:

Get 30% off your purchase & a $60 FREE gift when you join Thrive Market!

9. EGO Lawn Equipment vs Gas Mower: and Slow Mow Summer!

Years ago I replaced my gas mower and trimmer with a battery powered EGO Mower and Trimmer/Edger Combo, best decision ever!

Even if you aren’t making the switch for environmental reasons, not having to worry about if I have gas or changing the oil in the mower and trimmer was a good enough reason for me to switch! Additionally, the emissions from gas mowers, and the loud sounds of the engine, can disrupt pollinators ability to smell and hear, disorienting them, and making it hard for them to find food.

My EGO batteries have never ran out on me, and usually have at least 25-50 percent still remaining after mowing. They came with chargers that plug into my wall outlet inside, I just pop the battery out after I mow and put it on the charging base, plug it in, and unplug it once it reaches full charge to wait for next time.

I have the self propelled mower, and I like to leave the bag off, and mulch the clippings right into my lawn each mow to help build up the nitrogen and naturally fertilize my lawn.

Slow Mow Summer

I also try to only mow every other week, some people call this “Slow Mow Summer” (to start after “NO MOW MAY”) and I love this term! Leaving things to grow just a bit longer leaves tiny flowers bees and other pollinators can eat!

10. PACT Organic Clothing: Better than Fruit of the Loom and Hanes.

Many many years ago, probably one of the first sustainable swaps I made, was trying to find ethical organic clothing. I learned about the horrors of fast fashion and the dangerous chemicals used to produce clothing, and that these remain on the clothing and can soak into our skin when we wear the clothes!

I found PACT Organic searching online, and bought a few things. Since then they have become my go to place to buy underwear, socks, t-shirts, leggings, hoodies, and sweaters. Pact Organic has an ethical transparent supply chain, guaranteeing the farmers growing the cotton use organic sustainable methods, and all the people involved in the production of their clothing are treated fairly and work in good conditions.

General Tips to be more Sustainable, Organic, Non-Toxic.

  • Look up the safety rating of products you use on the EWG Website.
  • Look for certifications you know and trust, some that I like include B Corp Certification, and Fair Trade Certified.
  • Choose products made from natural and sustainable ingredients that will break back down into the environment safely, like glass packaging instead of plastic.
  • Remember the old saying “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle“.
    • Try to buy less, look for things in local buy nothing groups or ask around before you buy something new.
    • Find ways to reuse things before you’d throw them away, like cutting old sheets into cleaning cloths or turning old T-Shirts into T-shirt yard and making a rug!
    • Recycle things at home too, use old jars as leftover food containers, and take things to recycling centers that you can’t recycle yourself.
  • Choose locally grown, in-season, food and goods as much as possible. When you need to buy products produced far away, make sure they are fair trade, ethical, and sustainable.
  • Think about what you can grow at home, make at home, and what skills you can learn, like sewing to repair clothes so they last longer, or baking your own bread!

I hope you enjoy these sustainable organic home swaps as much as I have! Let me know your experience with these or other sustainable swaps in the comments!

Thanks for reading! <3 Jess

This blog post contains affiliate links to Thrive Market, I would never recommend something on my blog that I haven’t tried myself! Thrive Market has saved me so much money and time over the years, check it out!

Get 30% off your purchase & a $60 FREE gift when you join Thrive Market!

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