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Join Jess and learn everything you need to know to keep your own sourdough starter and bake your own bread from scratch! HANDS-ON! You will bake your own loaf during class! Includes sourdough starter! Plymouth, Michigan.

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Join Jess and learn everything you need to know to keep your own sourdough starter and bake your own bread from scratch! HANDS-ON! You will bake your own loaf during class! Plymouth, Michigan.

A hands-on workshop! You will shape and bake your very own loaf of bread during class! Jess will show you how to feed sourdough starter and then you will practice in class feeding your own starter you can take home! (From Genevieve my homemade organic starter!)

You will also mix up your own loaf of easy bread dough in class. At the end of the 2.5 hours you will leave with your own dough ready to take home, rise, long ferment in the fridge, and bake!

Must bring your own: 2.5qt mixing bowl with cover, spatula/mixing spoon, kitchen scale that weighs in grams.

Must have at home: unbleached parchment paper, organic unbleached flour, and Dutch oven.

Link to supply list: https://jessfromearth.com/sourdough-for-beginners-supply-list/

You will learn:

-lifecycle of sourdough starter

-how and when to feed starter

-how to care for starter at home

-how to use sourdough starter in recipes

-what is “discard” and no discard methods to keep sourdough

-how to mix bread dough and develop gluten (and what that even means lol) 😝

-dough handling: stretch and folds and coil folds

-how to shape bread, score, and bake at home in a Dutch oven

-tips and tricks to help you be successful!

Class is $75 per person and includes active starter, jar, lid, organic bread dough ingredients, a loaf of bread you’ll bake in class (to eat and take home!); snacks and herbal tea to sample throughout class! Lifelong 24/7 sourdough support from Jess included at no extra cost 🤓

Starts at 6:00pm and ends at 8:00pm.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email from me within 24 hours of ordering please email me.

We will take short breaks about every half hour during class to eat snacks and make friends 🙂

Please message Jess if you have any questions or need help getting any of the needed supplies!! Jessfromearth42@gmail.com

Thank you for your support! -Jess

Have a group of 6+ people that want to attend together? Email Jess to ask about booking your own private workshop!

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May 23, 2024 6:00-8:30pm, June 18, 2024 6-8pm @ Proud Mitten Shared Kitchen in Plymouth, MI

7 reviews for **Sourdough for Beginners Workshop

  1. Christina

    I just got done with this class and I cannot recommend it enough!! If you’re looking to learn how to make and bake sourdough I HIGHLY recommend this class! Jess was so helpful, sweet and really insightful on the whole sourdough process. You even get to take home starter and dough! It was SO much fun! I can’t wait for more classes! 😊🥖

  2. Cindy

    I attended Jess’s awesome class 2 days ago. It was so informative, and most of all fun!
    I have always been intimidated by baking bread, and Jess broke all of the sour dough steps down, in a simplistic, organic and science based way.
    I feel so much more confident that I can bake bread after this wonderful class.
    Jess is a wonderful, sweet and joyful instructor. I am so grateful she is shared her skills, recipes and techniques with us.
    We took home our dough we made together in class and some sour dough starter.

    I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to start making organic sour dough bread. I just baked my first loaf and it looks beautiful! We can hardly wait to cut into it!
    Jess also shared her organic tea’s with us and her sourdough crackers, both were amazing and delicious! Plus we were treated to a sour dough loaf that Jess made earlier in the day and it was delicious as well.
    Thank you so much Jess! ❤️

  3. Emma

    Jess’s class was awesome! She is so knowledgeable and easy to understand for beginner bakers. She broke down all the steps and answered all my questions about working with the dough and taking care of the starter. The best is that I got to take some of the starter home and keep experimenting with it on my own. I learned so much from this class and I was so inspired to work on the skill of sourdough!

  4. Stef Gross

    Thank you Jess for this wonderful class! I’ve tried to make sourdough on my own and it is intimidating, and I failed. You helped me to understand the process! You make it make sense! Your passion is strong! I impressed myself with my first loaf 🙂

  5. Kaylyn (verified owner)

    I took Jess’s class in January and it was really fun and informative. She had it at her home bakery and it was super cozy and clean. She provided sourdough crackers, tea, water, and freshly made sourdough bread to snack on during class. I walked away feeling confident and excited to make my own bread at home. I highly recommended taking her beginners workshop!

  6. Laura Johnson-Brown

    Jess is very enthusiastic and happy to have you. I learned a lot. I baked my bread today and it was beautiful.

  7. Mayur K (verified owner)

    Jess’s “Sourdough for beginners workshop” was fun, interactive and informative. As an absolute beginner to sourdough, I have learnt several required skills and techniques for making a sourdough bread. The bread was made with good quality organic ingredients and turned out amazing. During the workshop we got to taste some freshly baked bread and sourdough discard crackers. I admire Jess’s passion for her work and highly recommend this class for all those who are interested in sourdough bread baking. Cheers!

    • jessfromearth42@gmail.com

      Thank you so much! ☺️ I’m so glad you enjoyed the class and found it helpful!!

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