Classic Sourdough Bread

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Crispy outer crust, soft chewy inside with big air bubbles! A round loaf of delicious sourdough bread naturally leavened with my sourdough starter “Genevieve!”, long fermented in a glass bowl for 72 hours, and cooked with steam for a delicious crispy crust!

Just happens to be a Vegan recipe:)

Classic Sourdough Bread (Contains: Wheat)
Ingredients: King Arthur Organic Bread Flour, Sourdough Starter “Genevieve!”, Filtered Water, Redmonds Real Ancient Sea Salt.

Net. Wt 1lb 13oz/855g

The Jess from Earth Shop operates under the Michigan Cottage Food Law. All goods are made in a home kitchen that has not been inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development. Goods are prepared in a home kitchen where potential cross contamination of allergens like peanuts, wheat, eggs, etc. is possible.

1 review for Classic Sourdough Bread

  1. Connie

    My husband loved your sourdough bread. He kept going back to slice some more! “It soaks up all the sauce or gravy so I can clean my plate.” Delicious!

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