My Review of the Jackery Solar Generator

A Solar Generator is a great sustainable power option for camping, van life, and emergency preparedness!

My review of the Jackery Solar Generator and how I use my Jackery Solar Generator camping, and for emergency preparedness. Plus an introduction to EcoFlow Solar Generators!

Why I bought a Jackery Solar Generator

I originally bought my Jackery to camp in my van, Clifford! I wanted to build a little camper van I could take off grid and still cook, boil water, use my devices etc.

After I purchased my first smaller Jackery, I loved it so much I bought the bigger one so that I could power bigger appliances off grid while camping, and have a generator at home in case the power went out.

Specifically a generator that is quiet, I could use indoors, and didn’t require me to store gas or fuel.

This was important to me because if we ran out of gas, and I couldn’t get anymore during an emergency, a regular generator would be useless. With a solar generator I know I can keep recharging it for many many years for no additional cost than my original purchase.

Visit the Jackery Website by clicking the link below!

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Here are the two main places I use my Jackery, as part of my home emergency preparedness kit, and for camping:

1. Power your home during power outages.

I wanted a quiet generator, that I could safely use indoors if the power went out (plus I hate storing gas). So far the Jackery has exceeded my expectations and gives me peace of mind if the power goes out.

Fridge and Freezer

The bigger Jackery can power a regular full size fridge and freezer for up to 12 hours on one charge. I’ve used it during several power outages and haven’t lost any food yet! It’s super simple to just go grab it from the basement, place it right by the fridge and plug it in!

Heat in the Winter

I bought a small radiator heater that the Jackery will also power, in case the power goes out when it’s cold. It gives me peace of mind knowing even if I ran out of wood for my fireplace we could keep the room warm by plugging in this heater.

Air Conditioning in Summer

If the power goes out when it’s too hot, we can just plug a fan or small AC unit into the Jackery to cool down a room. This could be lifesaving during some of the crazy heat waves we’ve been having in recent years!

Charging phones and other devices

The solar generator will charge a phone, tablet, or laptop many times before running out of power. Important if the power is out for several days! It will also power the TV or a radio so you can check the news.

Cook indoors while the power is out

I bought a portable electric induction cook top that the bigger Jackery will power, so I can boil water and cook food during a power outage.

So in summary, I have heating, cooling, food storage, boiling water for safety, and cooking all covered with my Jackery in case the power goes out!

2. Camping!

I originally bought the Jackery for camping as my #1 use, and was happy that my purchase also served a second purpose as part of my emergency prep kit.

Here are ways I use the solar generator out camping!

Power my electric cooler (fridge and freezer)

We purchased a regular cooler sized electric fridge cooler a few years back and love it! It is quiet, and you never have to worry about running into town to get more ice while camping.

On the way to the campsite, we plug it into the car while we drive, and then into the Jackery while we camp. We charge the Jackery during the day with the solar panels it came with, and it’s more than enough to keep everything running through the night!

Power a fan while we sleep

It gets hot camping in the summer! We plug a small fan into the Jackery at night to keep the air moving in the tent or when we sleep in the van.

Charge the phone and tablet

Sometimes we like to watch movies at night when we camp. Even off grid if you download a movie while you have wifi you can charge the tablet to watch it later.

It’s also great to charge our phone or other gps devices to full before we go for hikes or exploring new areas, and so I can take lots of photo and video of our adventures!

Play the radio

It’s fun to listen to music while you camp! Plug your radio into the solar generator for hours of entertainment off grid or at the park!

Power an electric cook top

The small induction cook top I mentioned earlier as a backup for power outages also works great for camping and van life!

Since it’s induction you don’t need a vent, so you can use it in the van with the doors open, or at the campsite, just plug the cook top into the Jackery and it’s just like cooking at home.

Imagine taking a shower with hot water at your campsite, heating up a hot breakfast without building a fire, and never having to worry about if the cooler needs ice!

What if it’s not sunny?

The one downfall of a solar generator. How do you recharge it if the sun isn’t out? This hasn’t been a huge problem for me so far. Just one time I wasn’t able to get enough sun for a full charge before dark.

When this happens you can plug the Jackery into your car and drive around a bit to charge it up very quickly.

Is it hard to set up?

Not at all! The solar panels fold into their own carrying case with a pop-out stand that holds them up when you open them. This is nice because you can move them really easily to find the best sun and as the sun moves through the day.

I set them up outside my backdoor and run an extension cord into the house when I use it during power outages.

It’s super light and easy to move around your house, or campsite.

Which Solar Generator is right for you?

Check out the Jackery Website for great deals and to see which solar generator is best for your needs. As a Jackery affiliate, if you click the link below to visit the site I may make a small commission from your purchase, helping me to continue to have the time and resources to write this blog!


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