The Best Organic Gardening Books!

Books I’ve read that have helped me learn how to care for the soil, and have the best organic garden!

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Organic Farming Books

There are so many great teachers and authors to mention. I could never mention them all! Here are a few books off of my shelf to get you started!

“Oh, the places you’ll go!” by Dr. Suess

Okay this one isn’t really about farming. I just find this book really inspirational, even as an adult. It can be scary to start a new garden or try a new career or hobby…this book reminds me of how wonderful things can be when you try new things! 🙂

“The market gardener” by Jean-Martin Fortier

This was the first farming book I ever bought. I read it cover to cover immediately, bought a soil blocker, and started a container garden in buckets on the patio at the rental house I lived in!

It’s a wonderful guide to organic growing, and starting a small scale, no till, market garden.

“The new organic grower” by Eliot Coleman

This was the next book I bought! A fabulous guide to every single thing you need to know to garden or farm from one of the original farmers in the movement.

“The urban farmer” by Curtis Stone

I asked for this book for my birthday one year. Curtis Stone has figured out how to farm and garden on borrowed and leased lots in the city. A great guide for anyone in the suburbs or city with limited space.

“The soul of soil” by Grace Gershuny and Joe Smillie

This was one of the books on the list when I attended the Michigan State University Organic Farmer Training Program (OFTP) back in 2018. It will change the way you think about soil forever! In the best way!

“The lean farm” by Ben Hartman

Another book from the OFTP, this one will help you be efficient in the garden and at home! After reading this I rearranged my kitchen so that I don’t have to take extra steps to put the silverware away lol!! It teaches the same lean principals used in manufacturing. Reading this inspired me to get my Lean six sigma green belt (message me if you want to know more about that)!

“Saving our Seeds” by Bevin Cohen

I found out about Bevin Cohen when I started by herbal journal. My local library was hosting a free online class on making herbal products hosted by Bevin, it was great! This book is a fabulous guide to how to save seeds and WHY you should save seeds. Check out Bevin’s website Small House Farm for more books, seeds, hand pressed oils, and herbal products!

“Whole farm planning” by Elizabeth Henderson and Karl North

This is a great big picture guide that will help you envision how your farm or garden fits into the bigger ecosystem and economy.

“The emergent agriculture” by Gary Kleppel

A book about food security, and how we can work together to create a sustainable food future!

These are just a few great books to get you started. Please add your favorite books and authors in the comments below!

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