Organic Sourdough Starter Genevieve!

How to Use Dehydrated Sourdough Starter (the easy way!)

How to rehydrate sourdough starter, an easy step-by-step guide! No Discard!

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1. Day One: Rehydrate the dried sourdough starter

In this step we are just re-adding the water that I removed when I dehydrated the sourdough starter.

Add 10 grams of room temperature filtered water to the dehydrated starter flakes in small jar. Mix as well as you can (just make sure the flakes are submerged in the water the best you can).

Place the lid without the band on top of the jar.

Let the flakes sit in the water for 24 hours, until they are soft and mushy.

2. Day Two: Feed (First feeding!)

The next day mix in 20 grams of filtered water and stir well.

Next add 20 grams of organic flour and stir well.

Scrape down the sides, level the mix, and put the rubber band on the jar to mark the top of the starter.

Place the lid (without band) on the top of the jar and let it sit on the counter at room temperature for 24 hours.

Give it at least 24 hours between this first feeding and the second feeding. Do not feed again until the next day. Just let it sit out on the counter for 24 hours from this first feeding. It will look like nothing is happening because it takes some time to “wake up” fully.

By the next day, 24 hours after this feeding, you should start to see some small bubbles develop on the surface and see small bubbles through the side of the jar.

3. Day Three: Feed again (24 hours later!)

One day later, you should see small bubbles on the surface of the starter!

Today you can feed the starter one more time.

Add 60 grams of filtered water to the jar, stir well.

Add 60 grams of organic flour to the jar, stir well.

Mark the top of the mix with rubber band and watch it over the next several hours. It should rise to peak and fall back to it’s original level over the next 4-12 hours depending on your room temp.

Read more about feeding here: How to Feed Sourdough Starter -blog post with link and YouTube video

4. Use starter as normal

At this point your starter is just regular active sourdough starter! It should pass the float test, double in size after feedings and get nice and bubbly! Use it to bake and make sourdough discard recipes!

5. Store and maintain starter

Store starter in the fridge when you are not using it, take it out when you want to use it, and feed it if it needs it.

It will last about 7-10 days in the fridge in-between feedings, and about 24 hours on the counter between feedings.

The basic rule of thumb is to feed it again after it has doubled in size and fallen back down to the rubber band after the last feeding.

Read My Guide to Feeding Sourdough Starter for more info on feeding and storing your new sourdough starter. Don’t forget to give it a new name!! <3


Sourdough starter likes temperatures between 70-80 degrees and will rise faster the warmer it is. But be careful because anything over 110 degrees will harm the starter.

Use filtered water and unbleached flour to avoid harming the starting with chlorine.

Adding the water first, then the flour, makes it easier to stir.

Always store with the lid sitting loosely on-top without the band. So extra air can escape as needed!

Use any unbleached flour you like!

You can store the starter in the fridge anytime you are not using it, let it come to room temperature and rise until bubbly before using it to bake. Or use it hungry and flat for “discard” recipes!

Save a little starter in a second jar in your fridge as an insurance policy just in case anything happens to your first jar!


Thanks for reading! -Jess

Let me know if you have any questions!

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