How to tell if an egg is fresh?

March 26, 2023, jess from earth

How to tell if an egg is fresh? Has this egg gone bad?

I learned this method years ago and I always test my eggs right before I use them! Sometimes I will test all my eggs if I have a lot to make sure I use the ones that will spoil next first.

The Water Test

Here is how I determine how fresh the egg is!

  1. Add water to a container, at least double the height of the egg.

2. Gently drop the egg into the water.

3. It will sink all the way to the bottom and stay there if the egg is fresh.

If the egg floats it has spoiled.

Sometimes the egg will sink to the bottom, but stand upright, this is a sign that your egg will go bad soon. Eggs that stand up while still sitting on the bottom should be used very soon!

The reason the eggs float after they have spoiled is because as the egg spoils air gets trapped inside the egg.

Check out this short video showing you the egg test!

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