How to make an herbal infusion!

I am currently studying to become an herbalist, and this week my lesson included how to make an herbal infusion, aka tea! Here are the step by step instructions and video showing you how to make the perfect cup of tea!

Here is what I learned from Rosemary Gladstar’s course “The Science and Art of Herbalism” and her book “Medicinal Herbs a Beginners Guide”.

How to make an herbal infusion:

Select good quality organic, ethically harvested, herbs.

For an infusion, we use the flowers and leaves mostly (roots need to be boiled, I’ll write about that in a another post).

Select herbs grown local using organic practices for the best quality. Make sure the dried herbs retain the original color, taste, smell, and general appearance as the fresh plant.

Consult with a professional for recommendations on herbs you should try!

Add 4-6 Tablespoons of dried herbs to a quart jar.

Select herbs based on your needs (consult a professional if you are seeking medicinal benefits from your tea, and of course do your research).

I like my tea to taste good, so I select an herb with a nice flavor as a base, and put in the most of that. Then I add other herbs in smaller portions to balance the taste.

Pour boiling water over the herbs, and cover.

Add the boiling water, I turn the jar to mix the herbs, or you can stir with a wooden spoon.

Cover the jar with a lid, I use a mason jar lid without the ring, to trap the volatile oils that are released in the steam.

Steep for 15-45 minutes, or overnight.

Steep for as long as you’d like to develop the flavor. The longer you brew the stronger the tea will be. You can also let it sit covered overnight, or put it into the fridge after it’s cooled.

Remove lid, strain, and drink!

Remove the lid when you are ready to drink and pour the tea through a strainer into another jar or your mug. You can rewarm the tea as needed to drink hot, or drink it cold.

This will make about 3 cups to enjoy throughout the day.

Learn more!

Check out Rosemary Gladstar online, her website is HERE.

I will continue to post about what I learn as I go! Coming soon how to decoct herbs like dandelion root!

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