How to Harvest and Dry Oregano

It’s late spring here in zone 6b and I just harvested my first big batch of oregano! Here I’ll teach you how to harvest and dry oregano including a step by step video.

Oregano is a culinary and medicinal herb with many uses fresh and dried.

I love adding it fresh on top of pizza with fresh basil.

Drying it allows you to enjoy the fresh flavor all year long!

How to Harvest and Dry Oregano

When to Harvest

Harvest herbs first thing in the morning after the dew has evaporated, or in the evening. The oils are strongest in the morning before the plant has been exposed to the full sun.

Avoid harvesting in the hot midday sun.

I like to harvest oregano in mid-late spring before it has time to develop flowers. Then it will grow back and you can harvest it again, or let it go to flower.

How to Harvest

Cut the top third of the plant off, stem by stem, in between two sets of leaves.

Stack your cuttings on a plate or basket as you work to give any lingering bugs some time to crawl away before you bring it inside.

Washing Oregano

Fill a large bowl with filtered water, wash each stem by dipping it in the water and gently moving it around to release any dirt or bugs.

Gently shake each stem to remove excess water and lay to dry on a towel until all the water droplets are gone.

Drying Oregano

Once each stem is washed and dried, it’s time to hang them up to dry for long term storage.

Bunch together equal sized stems and tie them with string.

I like to hang one bunch of herbs on both ends of the same string, and then hang it up to dry in an indoor closet. Any temperature stable, dry place out of direct sunlight will work to hang your herbs.

You can cover them with a paper bag to protect them from dust if you’d like.

Let them hang 2-3 weeks until completely dried.

Storing Dried Oregano

Once dried, you can remove the leaves from the stems, being careful to not crush or break apart the leaves. Leaving them as whole as possible will preserve the taste and smell.

Store the leaves in an airtight glass jar for up to a year or more!

Video: How to Harvest and Dry Oregano

Share your tips below!

There are many ways you can harvest, wash and dry your oregano, this is just one way that I like.

Some people use a dehydrator or the oven to dry the herbs, some harvest after it has flowered.

Share your herb harvesting, washing, and drying tips below in the comments!!

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