How to decoct herbs (or boil herbs to make tea!)

Some herbs like roots and barks need to be boiled to best extract the nutrients, learn how to decoct herbs (or boil herbs) to make delicious healthy herbal teas!

What does it mean to decoct herbs?

Decoct means to extract the essence from something by heating or boiling it.

Some herbs, mostly roots and barks, and some leafs and berries, need to be boiled or decocted, in order to fully extract the vitamins, minerals, and essence of the herb.

Without this boiling, the nutrients wouldn’t be available for us to absorb and would stay locked in the plant.

Want to learn how to make an infusion, check out my blog post “How to make an herbal infusion!”

Where to get herbs?

Be sure if you forage or wildcraft your herbs that you know the identity of the plant and that the area you are harvesting from is free from pesticides etc.

Check out one of my favorite foraging books to learn how to forage wild food and medicine and the best way to prepare each herb: Midwest Foraging by Lisa M. Rose

If you buy herbs, try to find a local, organic farm first. Those herbs will be the freshest! If you can’t find something local, check out a reputable herb supplier like Rosemary’s Garden or Mountain Rose Herbs.

Check out my Links page for all of my favorite suppliers.

How to decoct herbs:

1. Bring filtered water to a boil on stove in a pan with a tight fitting lit.

2. Once boiling, add roots.

3. Cover pan and simmer for 15 minutes.

How to decoct herbs

4. Remove from heat, strain out herbs, and enjoy!

You could also remove from heat and let it sit overnight for an even richer brew.

how to decoct herbs

Check out the one minute video below to see the full process step-by-step!

Video: How to decoct herbs (or boil herbs to make tea!)

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Check out Rosemary Gladstar for more information on how to decoct herbs and herbalism in general. Jim McDonald and Lisa M. Rose are also great resources on herbalism and foraging herbs.

What would you like to learn? Ideas for future blog posts? Please let me know on the contact page, social media, or the comments below!

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