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Everything in the Jess from Earth shop is made using ORGANIC, NON-GMO, and FAIR TRADE ingredients, including chocolate! All SOURDOUGH products are naturally leavened with my homemade organic sourdough starter, “Genevieve!” and LONG FERMENTED! I also fresh mill my own 100% whole grains from Janie’s Mill and I am in the process of switching over all of my products to 100% whole grain fresh milled flours!!

Organic Loose Leaf Tea is blended in small batches by hand, using Michigan grown organic herbs. All my HONEY is humanely sourced from E’s Bee Sanctuary in Greenville, Michigan!

Order by Monday at 8pm for FREE HOME DELIVERY every Wednesday within 30 minutes of Dearborn, Michigan. I bake everything fresh Wednesday morning and then deliver it right to your doorstep on Wednesday afternoon!

The jess from earth shop operates under the Michigan Cottage Food Law. All goods are made in a home kitchen that has not been inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development. Goods are prepared in a home kitchen where potential cross contamination of allergens like peanuts, wheat, eggs, etc. is possible.

See my FULL MENU HERE to request a special order and check out my workshops below too!

Thank you for supporting my Michigan small business! – Jess from Earth 🙂 jessfromearth42@gmail.com

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  • **Sourdough for Beginners Workshop


    Join Jess and learn everything you need to know to keep your own sourdough starter and bake your own bread from scratch! HANDS-ON! You will bake your own loaf during class! Includes sourdough starter! Plymouth, Michigan.

  • *Private Workshops


    Jess will host you at The Proud Mitten Shared Kitchen in Plymouth, Michigan! Plan a unique and fun event!

  • *Sourdough Bagel Workshop


    Join Jess and learn how to make sourdough bagels naturally sweetened with honey from E’s Bee Sanctuary!

  • *Sourdough Pasta Workshop


    Join Jess and learn to make your own sourdough pasta from scratch!

  • *Sourdough Pizza Workshop


    Join Jess! and learn how to make sourdough pizza crust and bake sourdough pizzas from scratch! Dinner included!! Bring your favorite toppings!

  • 100% Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread


    100% whole wheat sourdough bread made with freshly milled whole wheat flour that is stone ground in-house immediately before the dough is mixed for maximum quality and flavor! Naturally leavened, and long fermented for 72 hours! I use certified organic whole wheat berries sourced from Janie’s Mill and grown in Michigan and Illinois. This bread…

  • Chocolate Gem Cookies


    Made with Unreal brand milk chocolate gems in pretty spring pastel colors! Colored naturally by veggies! 6 cookies per bag. All organic as always! Contains: milk, wheat Unreal candy Gem Ingredients: milk chocolate (organic chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, nonfat milk, whole milk powder, cane sugar*, organic blue agave inulin, sunflower lecithin, vanilla), organic cane sugar,…

  • Sourdough Dutch Oven Bread (Vegan)

    Classic Sourdough Bread


    Crispy outer crust, soft chewy inside with big air bubbles! A round loaf of delicious sourdough bread naturally leavened with my sourdough starter “Genevieve!”, long fermented in a glass bowl for 72 hours, and cooked with steam for a delicious crispy crust! Just happens to be a Vegan recipe:) Classic Sourdough Bread (Contains: Wheat) Ingredients:…

  • Dehydrated Sourdough Starter (Genevieve!)


    10 grams of my organic sourdough starter “Genevieve!” mailed to your doorstep! Includes one pack of dehydrated starter, and written instructions to rehydrate. I also include QR codes to my online resources to teach you how to get started, care for sourdough starter, and bake sourdough bread! I’ll automatically mail you your starter with free…

  • Energy Balls

    Energy Balls


    Eight of my famous no bake energy balls! A GF*, healthy, high protein, high fiber snack that will fill you up and give you energy all day! Great as a breakfast, snacks, or as a dessert!


    Fresh Sourdough Starter (Genevieve!)


    150 grams of freshly fed sourdough starter in a glass mason jar with lid. Ready to rise and bake immediately! This is from my homemade organic starter named Genevieve! Includes a sourdough starter guide with instructions to feed, care and store your starter. Ingredients: organic all purpose flour, water, sourdough cultures. Contains: wheat. 150 grams…

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  • Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies (Vegan, GF*)


    Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies are vegan and GF* and made with my homemade oat flour, oats, coconut oil, coconut sugar, maple syrup, whole cranberries, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla extract, baking powder and salt.

    *Made in a home kitchen where wheat and exposure to gluten (and other allergens like dairy, nuts, and honey) is possible, not safe for those with food allergies, only for those following a low gluten diet as a dietary preference.

  • Raspberry & Nettle Tea


    Organic loose leaf tea! Mixed by hand by Jess! A delightful blend of red raspberry leaf and nettle leaf. Nutritious and delicious!! Herbs are organic and grown by Golden Hour Farm in Potterville, Michigan. One bag of loose leaf tea. 1oz Ingredients: organic dried red raspberry leaf, organic dried nettle leaf.

  • Sourdough Butter Crackers

    Sourdough Butter Crackers


    One batch of buttery, lightly salted, sourdough crackers! Thin, crispy and way more delicious than your standard saltine! Perfect for dips, soups, or just by themselves! Sourdough Butter Crackers Contains: Wheat, Dairy Ingredients: Sourdough Culture (King Arthur organic all purpose flour, water), Kerrygold grass fed butter, Redmonds real ancient sea salt. Net. Wt 112g Ask…

  • Sourdough Sandwich Loaf


    Sourdough Sandwich Loaf (3 options)